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Customers are hard to catch…

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Premium Features Included with Your Explainer Video

Our Explainer Video Cost at Video Explainers are 70-80% Less as Compared to Other Animation Companies. We create explainer videos that practically convince your visitors to take action, whether it’s to buy your product, give you a call, or if you just want to explain a complicated brand story quickly and efficiently.

Present your idea or sales message in the form of live drawings from an artist and even hypnotize even the most skeptical buyer.

Present your idea or message in a “cartoon video style” and engage with your audience big time, making them stick to the video until the end.

Commercial rights included with all packages.

If your script needs work, ask your personal account manager to get it to the editing department.

Male, female, some accent you prefer? We have it just for you.

You choose the fonts and colors.

Royalty free background music included with all packages.

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For a Little Bit More…

Going international with your Digital Marketing? Need additional revisions? Need a lot of custom work? Not a problem. See the following for details, and if you’re still wondering about another feature touch base with support.

Want a character to resemble someone? Just ask

Expressing your message through animated words is powerful. Flying, floating, growing, expanding, and turning characters can really keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

International options available for languages other than English.

Ask your account manager for a custom video with a spokesperson. Includes video background and music.

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Fun Magnetism Labs Facts

We Love Our Jobs And and Our Clients and That Makes All The Difference

Satisfied Customers

Served Over 1,200 Satisfied Customers!

Stock Photos Submitted

Over 16,000 Stock Photos Submitted!

Cups of Coffee Sipped

We Work and We Drink Coffee.  We Don’t Stop Drinking Coffee Until the Job Is Done Hence the High Number of Coffee Consumed.  All For Our Customers.


We Animate Brands, We Don’t Play Games.